Photometry of KIC 8462852 as measured from the FFI data. The four colors and shapes (green squares, black circles, red
diamonds, and blue triangles) represent measurements from the four separate channels the starlight reaches as the telescope rolls. The four
subpanels show
ux from each particular detector individually. The main gure combines all observations together; we apply three linear
osets to the data from dierent channels to minimize the scatter to a linear t to the rst 1100 days of data. In all four channels, the
photometry is consistent with a linear decrease in
ux for the rst three years of the mission, followed by a rapid decrease in
ux of 2:5%
over the next six months. The light gray curve represents one possible Kepler long cadence light curve consistent with the FFI photometry
created by tting a spline to the FFI photometry as described in Section 4. The large dips observed by Boyajian et al. (2016) are visible
but narrow relative to the cadence of FFI observations. The long cadence data behind this gure are available online.